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Site Map – The Eye Centers of Ohio

Eye Centers of Ohio
The Eye Centers of Ohio, located in Canton, and providing vision correction surgery to Cleveland and Akron, are staffed by a team of six ophthalmologists. Learn more about Canton laser eye surgery here!

Our Idea – Vision correction surgery in Canton
Please visit one of our vision centers in Canton or North Canton. We have extensive experience in performing laser surgery, and offer individualized vision correction strategies for each patient. At the Eye Centers of Ohio our aim is to focus on excellence in eye care.

Payment options for eye care and vision correction surgery in Canton
The Eye Care Centers of Ohio work with a number of different insurance plans and accept payments by cash, check, and credit card.

Staff of the Eye Centers of Ohio
The combined vision correction experience within our team of six ophthalmologists provides our patients with the benefit of well-established eye care expertise. For vision correction, eye care, and eye surgery just south of Cleveland, visit Canton’s Eye Centers of Ohio.

Canton vision correction ophthalmologists
Our eye care doctors are Elbert H. Magoon, MD, Gregory M. Gray, MD, Laurence J. Karns, MD, Philip J. Dickey, OD, Jerry I. Macher, MD, and Paul W. Turgeon, MD. Please review their individual education, experience, and areas of specialty here.

LASIK – Canton laser eye surgery
If you are a Canton, Akron, or Cleveland resident considering LASIK laser eye surgery, please contact the Eye Centers of Ohio. Serving Ohio from Canton and North Canton, the Eye Centers of Ohio provide laser vision correction, cataract surgery, and other optical procedures.

Is LASIK laser vision correction right for you?
Find out if LASIK is the right procedure for you. Laser eye surgery dramatically improves vision for many patients in Cleveland, Akron, and Canton each year. Contact one of our ophthalmologists in Canton, Ohio, for further information on laser vision correction.

Patients’ questions about laser vision correction
Read answers to some of the LASIK questions the eye doctors of our practice frequently encounter. For answers to your specific questions about laser eye surgery contact us today. From our Canton offices we offer laser eye surgery to Akron, Canton, and Cleveland residents.

Stories from Canton laser eye surgery patients
Read success stories from patients of ours who have undergone laser vision correction. LASIK laser eye surgery improves vision by reshaping the cornea. For information on the LASIK procedure, please contact us in Canton, Ohio.

Canton laser vision correction, glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery and more
At the Eye Centers of Ohio we provide patients with cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, laser eye surgery, pediatric care, and more. Read about your eye care options in Canton!

Cataracts – Cataract eye surgery in Canton, Ohio
Cataract eye surgery removes cataracts from the eyes of patients. Cataracts are cloudy sections in the eyes that reduce vision. For more information on Canton cataract surgery, contact one of our eye doctors or staff members.

Glaucoma – Vision correction surgery and treatment in Canton
Glaucoma, caused by destruction of ocular nerve fibers, is the leading cause of blindness in the U.S. If you live in Canton, Akron, or Cleveland and are seeking glaucoma surgery or treatment, contact us today!

Vitreo-Retinal Diagnostics – Eye care in the Cleveland area
Vitreo-retinal consultations are available to Cleveland, Akron, and Canton patients at the Eye Centers of Ohio. Contact one of our vitreo-retinal specialists today for treatment.

Blepharoplasty at the Eye Centers of Ohio
For tearing problems and drooping eyelids contact our ocular plastic surgeon today. Through surgery clearer vision may be obtained for most patients.

Pediatrics – Treatment for Amblyopia and Strabismus
Amblyopia and strabismus are conditions that affect the vision of children. The eyes of children with strabismus do not line up straightly. Through eye surgery strabismus can be remedied. Amblyopia, also known as ‘lazy eye,’ can be treated once the root of the problem has been identified. For information on pediatric eye care in Ohio, contact us today.

Optical – Choosing eyewear and contacts
The optical department of the Eye Centers of Ohio offers contacts and glasses fit to the needs of each patient. Knowledgeable eye care professionals help each patient choose eyewear that is fitting to his or her lifestyle.

Contact Lenses – Vision correction with contact lenses
For contact lenses designed to address individual vision needs, our patients receive help from our contact lens department. Our contact lenses are competitively priced. Contact one of our vision correction specialists for more information.

Schedule an appointment for laser eye surgery
If you’re interested in laser eye surgery, cataract surgery, or another form of vision treatment, schedule an appointment today. Choose an ophthalmologist and receive regular updates from our doctors. We have two locations positioned to serve Canton, Akron, and Cleveland residents.

Contact Us – Receive information on eye surgery procedures in Canton
Contact us for more information on cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye, eyelid surgery, floaters and flashers, glaucoma, LASIK, macular degeneration, refractive errors, refractive surgery, strabismus, and ophthalmology. Address your questions about laser vision correction to our staff.

Location – Canton, Akron, and Cleveland vision correction surgery and eye care
For laser vision correction, glaucoma surgery, or cataract surgery visit the Eye Centers of Ohio. We are positioned to serve Canton, Cleveland, and Akron. Get directions here to one of our three vision correction centers.

In Canton – Eye care in Canton, Ohio
The eye care centers of Ohio have one location serving Canton. Visit us on McKinley Avenue for laser eye surgery, vision correction surgery, or general eye care.

In North Canton – Our North Canton Eye Center
Visit us in North Canton, Ohio, for your vision needs. Our North Canton office is within driving distance of both Cleveland and Akron. Visit the Eye Centers of Ohio to work with our team of eye care specialists.

Patient Education Libraries
Read more about laser vision correction, common eye problems, and refractive eye problems. Our patient education library contains information on cataracts, astigmatism, glaucoma, LASIK, myopia, presbyopia, and more. Contact us in Canton with your specific questions today!


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Offering LASIK, cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, and more to patients from Canton, Cleveland, and Akron.

Eye Centers of Ohio has two locations:

6407 Frank Avenue, NW
North Canton, OH 44720
(330) 966-1111

800 McKinley Avenue, NW
Canton, OH 44703
(330) 452-8884

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